Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Trivial Tuesday: The Young Victoria

I couldn't sleep the other night (COULD NOT BREATHE!) so I left Taylor in bed and tiptoed upstairs to find something distracting to watch.  I decided to pop in my favorite movie, The Young Victoria.  Have you seen it?  If you haven't, you need to procure it immediately!  I am telling you what: THIS IS THE MOST ROMANTIC MOVIE EVER! 

Lately, after watching most romantic comedies I'm left saying, "Yeah, right, there was hardly any character development.  That romance feels completely unbelievable."  The Young Victoria, which portrays the early life of the queen, including her courtship with Prince Albert, is completely the opposite.  They do a beautiful job of developing their relationship (both the writers and the actors).  The intrigue, the magic, the attraction, the love--it is absolutely palpable.  And their relationship is so dear, so tender.  I love it.
So, a bit of Tuesday Trivia for you...

1. Can you name the actors pictured?  Queen Victoria is?  And Prince Albert is? 
2. Can you name who she played in Dan in Real Life (another huge favorite of mine)? 
3. And who he played in the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice?
4. Do you know who she is married to?

Now if you haven't see it, go see it!  You will love it.



Melissa said...

1. Emily Blunt & Rupert Friend
2. Ruthie Draper
3. Mr. Wickham
4. John Krasinski

Confession #1: I know I've seen this movie and loved it, but can't remember the details! I think I'm getting old. Confession #2: Had to look up quesitons 2 and 4. I need to watch Dan in Real Life again. I remember liking it, but again, the details. I'm hoping in the next life I'll get my cracker-jack memory back. :)

Sunshine Girl said...

can I find this on Netflix? :)

Mrs. Cropper said...

@Sunshine Girl--you should be able to!

@Melissa--That's like my husband! He'll watch a movie and hardly remember it the next day!

Joan said...

Emily Blunt was in Dan in Real Life?!?! Where have I been? haha.
I need to watch both of those movies again.