Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Grammy

Dear Grammy,

You and Grandpa are always so good to remember everyone's birthday, and write a special birthday post for each of us on your blog, so we wanted to write a birthday post for you...

We sure love you and miss you. But we know you are doing important work in the Philippines and are grateful for your example. Blaine and Rog drew you some pictures. Blaine says picture his drawing with all black in the background except for where he wrote Happy Birthday Grammy. Roger's is a picture of a big storm and a big beautiful rainbow in Rogland. Carter is sending a photo of himself with his shiner from bonking into a chalkboard at church. Clara is sending you some love in legwarmers--her daily apparel. Hopefully it reminds you of your jazzercize days.

We sure hope you have a fun, joyful birthday!
Blaine, Rog, Carter, and Clara

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Anonymous said...

Dear Blaine, Roger, Carter, and Clara,
I am spending a happy p-day morning catching up on your mom's blog, and I found your birthday wishes to me. Now of course, I received them also in my email on my birthday, but I didn't know they were also here. So, Though I am late in doing so, I want to officially, on this site, say thank you for my birthday wishes. I LOVE THE PICTURES!! I looked at them many times in my email in December, and now I found them again here. Yippee!! Love, Grammy