Sunday, November 18, 2012


Today I made Taylor take this picture so my kids can look at it one day and make fun of their mom for wearing purple tights and red lipstick. (Never you mind that the darts look a little obscene.)

Can't wait.


Melissa said...

I don't think they'll have anything to make fun of. They'll just remember how beautiful you are.

vanessa said...

Aww no they will look at it at remember how beautiful you are!

Anonymous said...

It's not the lipstick, tights or even darts, it's that stance!! Who would ever question the fashion choices or anything else from that mama? And anyway, if they ever snicker about the phots, you can just say the names. Lady Gaga or Maodonna, and they will be grateful that their Mom looks so tame given the era she grew up in. I for on heartily approve, but then I jazzercised in the eighites, so . . . Love,