Thursday, January 3, 2013

In Ten Years

We are a little under the weather around here. While I try not to puke and pretend to keep order in the blue house, I am reflecting on the last ten years. Ten years ago this week, I entered the Missionary Training Center as a Mormon Missionary. In so many ways it is unfathomable that an entire decade has passed. I think about my mission every single day. Memories of people, places, and feelings. My mission changed who I was, shaped who I became. I loved it. LOVED it.

It is equally unfathomable how much has happened since that time. Taylor and I got married, we both graduated from college, I enjoyed a short but joyful career as a teacher, and we have four (FOUR!) children.
I remember one night shortly after I returned from my mission in Ohio. It was July. Taylor and I were planning our wedding. After Taylor dropped me off from a date I left him a hilarious voicemail that went something like this {absolutely sobbing/blubbering/choking on tears}: "I just wanted to say that I can't believe I get to marry you! I mean, all I ever wanted was to go on a mission and marry Taylor Cropper and I just can't believe I got all I ever wanted!"

The other day I sat in bed with Clara. I finished nursing her and sat her up, facing me, her back leaning on my legs. That phone call came to mind as I looked at the daughter I had long hoped for.

And the tears started again.


lizl said...

This just made me cry for two reasons. Mom's gorgeous tree -- what a wonderful husband you have who would haul that huge thing to his mother-in-law's house and help her decorate it. And your three little boys in bow ties remind me of my three little boys in red bow ties at your wedding! Very full-circle for me. And was just thinking about Ohio today and Cookie -- darn it now you've really got me going!

Mrs. Cropper said...


Taylor is amazing. Mom's tree was STUNNING; the camera cannot do it justice.

It's all very full circle and emotional. I love remembering your visits to the VC w Costco treats, and all the elders talking about how great Sister Lambert is. :)

Elle Jane said...

I just got home from my mission 3 weeks ago. And after feeling that same exact thing during Sacrament meeting today I am thrilled to know that I'll still be able to have it in 10 years.