Monday, April 16, 2007


In my last post I related my sometimes struggle to relish the role of mother. It was honest. But it made me sad. I've been trying harder lately to notice the simple, sweet moments of motherhood. As I played many of these moments through my mind today, I got a bit of a lump in my throat as I remembered how much I do love being a mother--how much I do love my son. So I thought I'd tell Blaine about some of these moments...and I'll let you listen in.

When you woke up from your nap this afternoon you had an imprint of Bear's fur on your right cheek. It's sweet how much you love Bear. I love how you dive for your crib at bedtime each night because you are so eager to snuggle with him.

You are getting very good at clapping. I especially love how you clap for yourself while you eat. Since this note is all about why I love you I won't mention how I feel when you do other certain things while you eat--like when you spit out a mouthful of pureed strawberries, bananas, and oatmeal and then proceed to rub the muck between your fingers, up your face, and through your hair.

Your waves make my heart flutter. You wave and wave and wave and wave. It's like you're conducting the Cleveland Orchestra. The best part about your waving is the smiling and giggling that accompany it.

The other day I grinned as I heard you wake up through your bedroom door: "mamamamamamamamama..." It made me feel ten feet tall that those were your first thoughts upon waking up. I felt like I was floating 2 days later when you patted my chest and uttered those same words.

I love how inquisitive you are. On our walks you practically fall out of your stroller as you lean over to look at the grass or reach for the flowers.

Your laughter is pure sunshine. There is absolutely nothing that brings a smile to my face more quickly than listening to you crack up as Dad tickles you with his whiskers.

Lately you've taken to a bit more snuggling, which I am in love with. I love when you crawl into our bedroom and, with a large grin, put your cheek down on the sheepskin rug. I love it even more when you discover the yellow fleece blanket under the bed, and pull it out for a little more cuddling. Then I lie down on the sheepy next to you and you lovingly headbutt me or touch your cheek to mine. Heaven.

But, my dear boy, my favorite new trick of yours is--HANDS DOWN--your downward dog pose. What a presh little yogini you are!

And just think, Blaine Tanner--you aren't even one year old. This list is only the beginning.
I love you,


Sugar said...

Sweet as cupcakes. I'm so glad I got to see a picture of your cute Blaine! It is true that being a mother brings some great heartaches, but it is also true that it brings the greatest emotions of love and joy that this world offers.

By the way, tell Taylor that I've already casted my vote for him to start a blog of recipes. Anyone else with me???

Emily said...

oh! (tear) this is really sweet (sniff.) I have a tender spot in my heart big enough for every little boy in the world (sniffle, sniffle) They're the greatest :) I'm sure I'll think that until I get a little girl...and then there'll be a two way tie for greatest gender. Now if you'll excuse me I need to find a paper product to dry my eyes with, which may be a trickier proposition than you'd think given the fact that we're out of toilet paper and paper towels.

lori said...

The whole time Lucy and I were walking this morning, she kept looking up at me and pleading, "Blaine in stroller!" Looks like you're not the only one in love with that sweet little boy!

Loved your beautiful tribute. Motherhood is divine.

Anne said...

Heidi, That is a GREAT idea about Taylor doing a food blog. I've suggested it before, but we've never talked much more about it. I told him what you said and he said he'd like to do it if we had a camera that could take those neat, close-up food shots. So hopefully we can make it happen. I think that would be so great. Especially because he NEVER writes down what he does so when people ask for the recipe he's like, "Uh, well, I just kinda threw this and that together and..." and then he can never exactly recreate something really amazing. So I'm all for it and will keep encouraging. Thanks for the motivation!

Emily said...

I miss you. Come see me. We'll do Chipotle. On me :) Did you see that Cjane made a shout out to Mrs. Cropper?? fun! You're great.

Lorraine said...

What a lucky boy, that Blaine. He has the best mother in the world. I miss you, Anne!

Jill said...

As my eldest threw a baseball outside with his father, my two daughters did "homework" with their mommy, and my baby boy sat drooling on my lap, I couldn't help but feel like I was engulfed in a heavenly experience. I am grateful to see you too have these experiences with the smallest of tender moments with Blaine. Anne, the best is yet to come. Just wait till he can really talk! Love you-Jilly