Friday, April 27, 2007

Tales of a Hall Advisor (aka the most boringest post ever)

For those of you who might wander into my blog (always feel free to lurk and/or comment) and don't know--I am a working mom. I actually have probably one of the greatest jobs a stay-at-home-mom could have. I work for Brigham Young University as a Hall Advisor. Lots of other universities call this position "Head Resident"--that may help you get what I do. Basically I live on campus (at almost 26? Yeah, baby!) and supervise Resident Assistants as they...well...assist their residents. Aside from a couple meetings each week, some cleaning inspections here and there, and dealing with situations, I get to be at home in my (free) apartment, and play with my son. It's fab. I could write some UNBELIEVABLE posts about those "interesting" (such a euphamism--did you catch that?) experiences, but I can't--due to a little law we here in Residence Life (oh, and everyone else in the country, as it's the name of the law) called FERPA. This is the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act. It's what infuriates my mother-in-law when she calls to find out how much more rent money she owes for her freshman son ("I'm sorry, ma'am, that's confidential.") and what permits me from telling you detailed stories that would make your job drop with shock and your body double over with laughter. Let's just say, even here in the so-called "Mormon bubble" of BYU, there are some seriously nutty people that do seriously nutty things. ANYWAY, after that longest, boringest intro ever... Last week was crazy, as the semester ended and I checked out out residents galore. Although it was super hectic, and I missed lots of fun family stuff (they were in town for my sis-in-law, Sara's grajiation), there were some true highlights:

*Having family in town is just a ball. Even when we're just sitting around helping Sara pack for her Mexican and Alaskan adventures (yeah, she is really cool and I think she should start a blog about her adventurous life) and eating baked oatmeal (which Taylor had to inform Rebecca (its creator) that I dislike while I was slyly pretending to enjoy it), we have so much darn fun talking and nursing babies and laughing and reminiscing and putting nylons on our heads (wish I had a pic to show you!)

*I had a complete and total nervous breakdown this week. No. I'm serious. Utter destruction. Hyperventilation included. I have this recurring nightmare about being in a situation I can't control and screaming at someone about it. It has never actually happened in real life. Until Wednesday when it did. That was not the highlight. The highlights were that my husband (the recipient of the yelling and screaming) forgave me and has faith in me that I won't ever do that again and that my dear
friend, who happens to double as my visiting teacher, called me. Upon hearing her voice I melted into a puddle and then she watched my son all afternoon. And THAT my friends is why I have a testimony of visiting teaching (note: it's April 30th and I have not done mine...groan). Through the inspired program my visiting teacher became my friend. And it was my friend, Lori, who came to my rescue that day.

*Although it was the busiest week of the year, I really loved my job last week, which I can't always say. Check-out week is when I set most of my administrative duties aside, roll up my sleeves, arm myself with a scrub pad and a bottle of 409, and mingle with the students. I often find my job unfulfilling--especially when I compare it to teaching. But mentoring a freshman boy on how to get grease off the hood of the stove felt surprisingly fulfilling. Chatting en espanyol with two of the darlingest mexicanas while I checked their apartment felt delightfully fulfilling. And enjoying the comraderie of our Residence Life Staff as we swapped tales of resident idiocy and cheered each other on during the craziness felt wonderfully fulfilling.

*I got a new necklace from my friend, Deon. Have you seen her
website? You need some of her stuff. It will make you feel as fancy as Nancy. We also got a new toy this week. I am not revealing what it is as I will dedicate a post to it. It's that good. Get excited.

*Like I said before, I had to miss some family fun because of work. Though I missed the ambiance of
The Happy Sumo, I did not miss its deliciocity, as Taylor made sure to bring home some of my most FAVE-O-RITE sushi--shrimp tempura. You just can't beat all those layers of flavor, rolled into one big mouth party. The nori, the avacado, the tempura shrimp, the soy sauce, the pickled ginger... YUM. If you're reading this (first of all, congrats for making it this far in this boring post without giving up) and thinking: "EWWW! Fish! Gross!" let me just say that I think you should try a shrimp tempura roll. First of all, the shrimp is cooked. Second, you simply must give it a try--don't rob your palate of this sumptuous fare!

So anyway, it turned out to be a really happy, fulfilling week (until the mass exodus of family members Saturday morning when Taylor and I cried buckets). OK I'm bored of this post. Time to make a new one.


lori said...

How did I not see this new post until today! Oh, how I relate to the "tales" you tell! And my friend, I do wish that my watching of Blaine last week were as noble as you made it sound. In reality, his presence made entertaining Lucy ten hundred times easier!
I love you! Hopefully life will settle down around here! I keep telling myself that my reward for finishing the craziness of these last few weeks will be to take Lucy and Wes to look at pop up books at Barnes and Noble. :)

kate said...

Oh I'm so happy to see a new post. I have been checking and checking! I never think your stories about being a Hall Advisor are boring, quite the opposite! I just love you more than my words can say! I hope your life is calming down. and I can't wait for your next post!!!

liz said...

I can tell you were so tired when you wrote this! Do you think we were born with an editing gene, or did Mom just ingrain it in us? I've been thinking about you and how busy you must be lately. So glad the worst is over. When are you coming up to play with me?

Anne said...

By "I can tell you were so tired when you wrote this!" are you referring to the fact that I used the word "permit" when I meant "prohibit?!" Ouch! Yes, I used to get paid to teach your children!! Remember that anti-drug commercial in the '80s where it showed an egg: "This is your brain." And then cracked the egg into a frying pan: "This is your brain on drugs." That's pretty much how I've felt these last few days.

Emily said...

Oh girl, i wish we were at least in the same city having these breakdowns! From one who lives too far away to visit ANY family, please heed my counsel and get up to SLC and play with yer seester while you can :) i can't wait for the next post!!
In nail-biting suspense,