Friday, May 30, 2008

Starting to peel the funk off

Some good funk remedies I'm discovering:

remembering to pray and ask God for help
reading some scriptures or other spiritual-in-nature goodies everyday
listening to "total eclipse of the heart"
spending lunchtime with Mom
connecting with people (i love you email. i love you blogs. i love you cell phone. i love you dear friends.)
skinny jeans (shallow, i know, but funk-relieving all the same)
chocolate malt ovaltine, yummo.
dreaming big (you know stuff like planning my dream house, planning for my master's degree, planning to learn to sew all sorts of cool stuff, planning to be a baker extraordinaire) for the days when I'm not hooked up to a suckling child all the live-long day
remembering to pray and ask God for help


Anna said...

Anne, I feel your funk. The transition for me has been a bit rough. Once I organized my house, the new feeling wore off and I wanted to feel like I had more "important things to do" in my life. I kept telling myself that women for centuries have been fulfilled by the things that I was doing, and that I could too. I love being an at home mom and feel like it is what I need to be doing right now, but it is hard to shake the crave to put my ore in something bigger that will make me crazy busy, and sort of in charge. I'll just say that it is better than it was, but I'm still kind of adjusting and looking for a balance.

Vicky said...

Thanks for your funk-relieving thoughts! I can't wait to see your amazing sewing and baking projects because I'm sure they'll be amazing!

Laurie said...

It is a hard adjustment. I LOVED it when we went back to school because I saw him so much more. I remember that the days would DRAG sometimes. I actually started STUDYING the Gospel Doctrine lessons like I would have for a college course, and it made all of the difference. I could actually contribute something worthwhile. It is hard to feel fulfilled taking care of children, cleaning house, doing laundry, etc. I think because these tasks NEVER end. I began to make up lesson plans for Tori, and that helped.

Best of luck in your Journey, Anne. You will excel in this role like you always do. It takes time and patience. I can't wait to see you soon

The Innkeeper said...

I started knitting - I think you would enjoy that too. Lots of fun things to make for little boys. You should check out this site -
I find her inspiring me to be more creative with myself and my kids. Love you.

Joan Koplin said...

My dear, sweet Anne...I think I find peace in knowing that EVERY Mom experiences "the funk." It is all a part of the J-O-B.
I remember thinking (many moons ago when I was single and baby-less), "Gosh, how on earth do these women let themselves "go," wear hideous, out of style clothing(think "Mom Jeans"), don't even own a single pair of sassy high heals, forgot how to pluck their eye brows and wear make-up, feel comfortable doing yard work in a mumu and slippers with morning breath, and wonder why their husbands don't think they are cute anymore. Well, for HEAVEN SAKE! I find these things becoming more and more a part of my life (if I don't concentrate and make an effort)...okay, so I did exaggerate and elaborate on details that don't even really exist...but I had fun doing it!
Life is good: You have two healthy happy boys...THREE actually. A husband who is next to perfect, and darling and handsome...and you are a capable, talented, and oh so sophistocated Mom...there, now you have reason to smile. Love you...

jeanine said...

I feel I've been in a funk a little too... I'm going to have to remember these remedies!