Monday, June 2, 2008

How Anne Got Her Groove Back

Dear Danielle,

Your comment on my post the other day made me laugh out loud. Good thing I wasn't drinking something like, say, grape soda, or else I would have spit it out all over my new carpet. (Sound familiar, Beth?) Anyway, I died laughing about your crush on your freshman english professor and his thesis on that book. And then I pictured us in our dormroom togethie and smiled from ear to ear. And right then, I felt my groove coming back. I hadn't smiled or laughed like that in weeks. So, um, thanks.

And so that made me realize that I've been kind of withdrawn for these few weeks. And starting to connect with friends (both old and new) is helping me feel like myself again.

So, Danielle, like a gajillion ago you tagged me. And I will now respond with 7 random Anne facts.

I'm not sure how this exercise in narcissism is futher helping me to get my groove back (or what that says about me), but anyway...

1. I have a freakish memory. Can I name what I was wearing on my third birthday? The 1994 starting lineup for the Portland Trailblazers? Every line from Tommy Boy? Check, check, and check. It makes for some good laughs and proved helpful in school. Contrastingly, Taylor doesn't have such a great memory. It usually goes something like this:
Anne: Do you remember what you were wearing that one time you brought me those lilies and then took me out to that really nice restaurant?
Taylor: I did those things? That was nice of me.

2. Two things I am obsessed with right now: ricrac and houndstooth

3. I'm scared of my kids getting older. I don't want them to be mean or get in trouble or get hurt. It scares the heck out of me. I think the thing I am most concerned about is that I want them to be kind. I want them to be the ones who will befriend anyone, especially those who need to be reached out to. I want them to be the polite kids in class. I want them to be the ones who stand up for the kid getting made fun of. And I think one key to that is self-confidence. Any suggestions on helping my kids be kind are welcome.
4. If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I would buy clothes from J. Crew and Club Monaco. I love those styles. Mostly I buy clothes from Target though, which is just fine for me.

5. I love our new house. The only thing I don't love is our front door. I think it is cheese-a-rama. But I have a dishwasher and a bathtub so I feel like Marie Antoinette or something. (I feel like I live in total luxury, in other words.)

6. I kind of feel like I was an obnoxious kid. I was loud and took charge in groups and was super dramatic. Back then I think I thought I was cool and smart and a natural leader. Looking back I think I was a know-it-all and overbearing. Here are some funny funny things I remember doing. For a while in 5th grade I was obsessed with the NBA so I wore sweat shorts and t-shirts every day. And I always made the boys let me play b-ball with them at recess. (They nick-named me Airball Hall (my maiden name).) Then one day I wore more feminine shorts and my crush complimented me about them, so I proceeded to wear those every day. Then in 6th grade I thought my 2 teachers were super cool so I started to dress like them--you know, typical 4o year-old-woman attire--complete with turtlenecks, wool sweaters, blazers, pleated trousers, and penny loafers. In 6th grade during the canned food drive competition I realized that if each of us went to Costco and bought a case of Ramen, that would be like 30 cans each or whatever, and we could win the school competition. So I rallied my classmates and we won. Those poor needy people. They need high protein items, not a bunch of crappy Ramen.

OK I am giggling a lot right now.

Anyway, since realizing the obnoxiousness of my youth, I have been trying to be a more calm adult, a better listener, not so bossy. I hope I'm getting there.

7. The most important thing in my life is my relationships with other people. I just think people is what life is about. Loving each other. Serving each other. Laughing, working, being together. I love it.


liz said...

I wouldn't worry too much about your children being kind -- they have two kind parents and four kind grandparents. The odds are definitely in their favor -- children learn what they see. And your stroll down elementary school lane was laugh-out-loud funny. I'm pretty sure being a know-it-all is in the blood. But we're kind too, right?

Em said...

I'm so glad you got your groove back :) And that you rehashed all of your elementary/middle school fetishes for our enjoyment -- what a hoot!

EMILY said...

You make me laugh! As I was reading those school memories I couldn't help but think of when we were "pen-pals" even though we lived 10 minutes away from each other! Thanks for some great memories. Thanks for just being you!

Cat Zimmer said...

Can I just say that you are absolutely hilarious Anne- it is so nice to know that I can come to your blog and expect to read something funny. Love it love it love it. By the way I read your blog- hehe sorry, is that ok? Anyhoo, your new babe is so beautiful, can't wait to meet him. And it is so cool that you guys are back in Ashland, I am a little jealous.

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Ok the grape soda kills me, haven't thought about that for awhile (makes my you know what ache for you!) So your number 6 killed me. How did I not notice the "teacher" phase, fantastic. I think my favorite was when in 7th grade we wore boxers, Burkenstocks and "No Fear" shirts....or was that just me?!?!

ps. had so much fun with you today!

lori said...

I love this post. Makes me feel like we're talking in the living room. =)

Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Random Fact #8--you are brilliant and very in-the-know.

Evidence a) While reading your 7 facts I feel as if it could be Trivial Tuesday. So here's my run at it:

1. I think Taylor was wearing his collared shirt with vest on top
2. Got me there, I have NO IDEA what ricrac or houndstooth is (should I know that to be a SAHM?)
3. To have kind children, be kind to them (I need to improve keeping my voice lowered while addressing Viana in stressful moments)
4. Again, stumped, never heard of Club Monaco
5. Marie Antoinette played by Kiersten Dunst, whose first movie could have been Jumanji
6. Name another example? "Girls in SPANDEX!!" :)
7. Me! We're friends! Hooray!!

SO, how did I do at Trivial Tuesday? Not bad, eh?

Oh Anne, I love you and miss you!!

danielle said...

Well shoot! THIS made me laugh out loud. Oddly, I have a horrible memory , ant yet I remember most of these random things about you. So funny. PS you really should start quoting Tommy Boy more...I recall that providing hours of entertainment. And the shorts your crush liked and so you wore them and white stripes right? I even remember who the crush was but I won't reveal so as not to embarrass your sixth grade self. Remember when we all talked about him all week at girls camp? Oh goodness and the blazers with shoulder pads and pins! Classic. I love that. What a fun personality you have. Don't become too calm;)

Glad you are getting your groove back. Also I had a dream last night that we were roomies again, except we lived a Tillie's house, and had our kids...

Sally said...

I just wanted to say that you look amazingly beautiful. I'm so glad I'll get to see you the next time I go visit my parents. And, once you hang out with me for a while you will realize how nice and sweet your kids are. My three year old is not so good at the whole taking turns, sharing, talking nicely, not hitting thing.
Reading your school days stuff made me laugh because I remembered how much we disliked each other in Junior high, but didn't know it unitl we were in highschool and friends. I think I was jealous of you because your tube socks always looked so good with your burkenstocks.

amy said...

i love you anne.

i thought i saw taylor the other day and almost gave this stranger a big huge hug. sad. i miss you guys.

Joan Koplin said...

Gosh, you are such a pretty mama, Anne. I too laughed at your random facts and see a lot of similarities between us: obnoxious and over-bearing. Not that I could say you were b/c I didn't know you then..but I can say I was often both of those not so cute adjectives.
I'm glad you are getting your groove back :)

Jill said...

If you are going to post some random facts you now have to seriously add to this post that you also have been lost in the mountains with your sister-in-law without food/water or baby Rog and were rescued by your super-hero brother-in-laws Stu & Matt!z