Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mamma Mia! Here I Go Again!

Here's who I love and can sing every single song on their "Gold" album by heart: ABBA

Here's what I LOVED: Mamma Mia!!

OOOOH I loved it I absolutely did! Are you in the know? Do you know...
1. Who produced it (hint-a famous hub&wife couple, the wife being Greek herself)?

2. Who stars in it...

A) Meryl Streep is AMAZING (that was a freebie.)

B) This former 007 who has definitely been voice-coached

C) Amanda Seyfried, who I thought I hadn't seen before but has been in a movie with Linds Lohan which is hilarious (your question is do you know what movie?) And btw, Amanda is SO FAB. Darling and what a great, effortless voice. Gorge.

D) This darling actor who I love love love but didn't recognize because he's a bit chubbier than 15 years ago whtn P&P was filmed!

E) Julie Walters who is a total scream in this movie and can you name other movies she's in?

F) Christine Baranski who is workin' it for her age and can you name the sitcom she was in with a blonde woman who once starred in Moonlighting with Bruce Willis? (If you know all this you are a serious trivial tuesday-er.)

G) And Dominic Cooper, who we recognized and Taylor totally came up with from where. He plays Sky in Mamma Mia and he was recently in a PBS Jane Austen film. Do you know which? And who he played? He's a doll.

All right well this is AP Triv Tues for sure. The main point is: ALL-STAR cast. Amazing colors, costumes, set (it's in Greece, after all!), choreography, performers, etc. It is a musical so be warned! (Some people just aren't musical people, you know?!) It's just so darn much fun that I was dying to be IN the movie (it wasn't enough just to watch!). Some day. Not really, but I can dream.

See it!


Eric, Halcyon, Viana and Brooke said...

Don't know any answers, I am so never in the know...but in response to this posed parenthetical question of yours: "(Some people just aren't musical people, you know?!) " My response would be, how could you not love musicals? SHouldn't all movies be musicals?? ANd if you don't love musicals, at least give High School Musical 3 a try, because it's gonna be amazing. :)

Jacque said...

I have to admit that this is my gift in life. Lame gift that it is I must admit I have saved several friends from a sleepless night by solving their mysteries. Here goes!
2b. Pierce Brosnan
2c. Amanda Seyfried was in Mean Girls w/ the Lohan
2d. Colin Firth
2e. Julie Walters was in the Harry Potter series as Ron's mom or mum if your British
2f. She was in Cybill with Cybill Shepard who is now guest starring in a great t.v. show called Psyche.
2g. Dominic Cooper was in the fabulous movie Sense and Sensibility as Willoughby. Thanks for the fun trivia.

Traci said...

1. Tom and Rita - just LOVE them!
2. b)Pierce Brosan
c)this is a quess - mean girls?
d)Colin Firth - I will see any movie he makes (with the appropriate rating that is)
e)She's Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter but thats all I can think of
f)didn't she play the friend of Cybil Shephard in the sitcom named funny enough - Cybil. I think I only saw this a few times and I wasn't really impressed.
g)I don't recognize him- bummer

Joan Koplin said...

SO, not even going to attempt to answer your questions b/c I would have to do some serious research to find the answers...but I am SUPER excited to see "Mamma Mia" now! I wasn't sure I would be in to it but with your endorsement..I am ALL over it. Thanks, Anne.

Keith said...


It was fun to see you guys. BTW, our blog is keithandnataliemorgan.blogspot.com.

-keith and nat

Kate said...

I only know Pierce Brosnan (is that even his last name?) is in this movie, and I'm not even going to attempt any others! I so don't know my pop culture!!!

But if you say Mama Mia is good, then I'll see it!

Alicia said...

So I actually know the answers to all of them but I'm too lazy to write the answers! (Hey, 1st trimester tiredness should be an excuse!). But no one mentioned that Julie Walters is in one of mine (and I think yours) favorite movies--Calendar Girls! I LOVE that movie and she is SO cute (not loveable but frumpy Mrs. Weasley). Just had to add that! And I really hope your twyns was a coincidence! We've had 2 ultrasounds so far and think there's only 1, but you never know!

Sunshine Girl said...

Ok, I don't know the answers... but I've seen it 5 times... Just can't get enough :D