Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sisters (part one)

(with Mom, Kathryn, and Liz at Aspen Grove in June)

I have been thinking a lot about familial relationships lately. In particular, sisters. (If you did your reading assignment yesterday, than you probably have been too.) So today I bring you the first installment of my thoughts on the matter.
As I've watched the Clark sisters unite to help Stephanie and her children, I have asked myself a lot of questions. Are we that close? Would I be able to love my sister's children as my own? I mean, I know I could take care of them, but could I love them enough? Am I doing enough to fortify my relationship with my sisters?
There are a lot of similar questions and thoughts going through my mind. I thought I'd start by introducing you to my sisters. You know Liz. As a fellow blogger she is often mentioned. I think she is a brilliant mother. Read this to see what I mean.
More tomorrow.
P.S. What do you think about all this? Do you have sisters? Are you close?


liz said...

We're not as cute as the Clarks, are we? I mean besides you, Anne. We may not be quite as close as they are because of our ages -- six years apart is a pretty big spread. I have no doubt that you could love my children as you do your own though. No doubt.

Oliver and Megan Hansen said...

Anne, it's so funny because I did read that article--cried several times--and then thought about my own 3 sisters and even some of my sisters in law. And I would hope that anyone that falls into this situation would have someone to help them out in such a way as a sibling should be able to. And that I would be able to care for my nieces & nephew as best I could. It is really hard to think about and imagine. And to be honest, the fact that you have a photo of you with your sisters someplace already shows that your relationships are at least strong enough to be built even stronger.

The Nelson Family said...

Hey Anne, I am a good friend of Christina's from Nova Scotia, and have seen your picture many times when we would house sit at her Dad's. I really have enjoyed your blogs lately. That article about Stephanie's sisters had me in tears. It made me think about my relationship with my own sisters and how lucky I am and I hope that they would do the same for me if it were my husband and me in that situation (none of them have kids yet)It makes me want to have an even closer relationship with them, because you never know what twists life will throw your way!!! I'm sure you would love your sisters kids as your own, if ever put in the seem like a fantastic mom/person!!!! Have a great day!!!

liz said...

I just realized I should have also said that I would love YOUR children as MY own, which of course I would. What Courtney is doing is a good fit, since she doesn't have a bunch of kids interspersed with Stephanie's kids. It definitely wouldn't be easy to have both Blaine and Mary on a permanent basis, would it? Can you imagine having my kids and Kathryn's kids at the same time, long term? (They pretty much alternate years, so it would be like having TEN kids, the oldest 12, with one almost every age, for anyone who doesn't know us.) So logistically, that would all be hard, but as for loving each other enough, we would, and do.

Sugar... said...

I love my little sis, and I only wish that I had more! This might be an interesting comment, but I think maybe you'd learn to love your sister's kids as much as your own after really getting to know their personalities over a couple weeks or so. I lived in the same apartment complex with 2 sister-in-laws and at first it was kind of weird when all of us were together trying to keep our kids straight, babysat, disciplined, but after awhile you get to know their personalities that you just love them so much for who they are. I'm sure C-jane had quite an adjustment with her nieces and nephew, but I'm also sure that she's grown to love them more than she ever thought she could have, because they are her sister's kids, but also because she knows all their beautiful traits and quirks by now.

The Lindsey Ladies said...

I feel like I am really close to my sister, and I am actually really close (well as close as you can be to a teenager) to my step-sister. I thrive on those relationships, and think they are really important, only sisters can understand certain things about you and your life, and you never have to explain things...they were there. My sisters don't have children yet but I believe that I would love them as my own, I think there would just definitely be an adjustment period. And wow, that was a great article on the Clarks.

Alicia said...

I think sisters are such a godsend. Families are definitely divinely inspired. I love my sisters (and in-laws) and am confident that any of us would go to any lengths to help out fam!

PS-thanks for the previous post! I felt kind of weird commenting on it, but it made my day!