Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wedded Bliss Week: Day 3

Four years ago (today!) you greeted me at the temple with a kiss on the cheek. I wasn't nervous. My feet were all the way warm. (I think yours were, too.) We agreed to take care of one another and honor our marriage covenants. We were sealed together for eternity. We smooched over an altar of God.

There were pictures. We hopped in the fancy getaway Escalade. "Hello husband," I said. "Hello wife," you replied. There were salmon and speeches at the Cabaret. You drove your bride and her giant poof of a dress to the library. There were more pictures. We greeted while our beloved ate pesto and cake. (My only regret to this day is not sitting down to partake of the Italian fare!) My back hurt (corset). My feet hurt (heels). My heart smiled (eternity).

We galavanted in Sausalito and San Francisco. My favorite city became even better (you).


Alicia said...

Awww...I love how you write! Happy Anniversary!

Sally said...

Happy anniversary! You were a beautiful bride!

Katrina said...

loving these posts... happy anniversary!

The Lindsey Ladies said...

Very cute. Hope you had a great anniversary owe me a playdate.