Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a little help

Today is one of those overwhelming, my kids went to bed too late last night and can't stop crying, my house looks like Hurricane Rita aftermath, I have piled a few too many things on my plate kind of days. So I made the executive decision to cut our errands short, come home, and put everyone to bed. The amazing thing, is that even when I had two babes screaming in the car, and even after I had to put Blaine down for his nap the third time, I am feeling relatively calm and happy. Owing to...

this cheesy grin, (by the way, if you opened up a picture dictionary to the word ragamuffin, this is what you'd find.)

this happy little flower,and divine intervention. I am serious here, people. Every time I have wanted to scream back at Blaine I have felt the Holy Spirit calm me down and suggest to me that I should comfort him or sing to him instead. That is some serious progress for me.

p.s. I intend to finish up this week with the big holiday post. Please continue to send your personal photos and links of any fun holiday decor ideas to amcropper{at}gmail{dot}com. Gracias.

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