Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Girly commercials I love and their musical origins

The other night I saw the first Wal-Mart commercial that has actually made me want to shop at Wal-Mart. (You've probably noticed that they are seriously stepping it up in the marketing category. It's about time.) Anyway, the video is here on this myspace page of the woman who sings the song for the commercial (scroll down a little to find the Wal-Mart commercial). My first question for you is, What musical/movie is this song from??

That reminded me of this GAP commercial from a few years back, which I also love. My second question is, What musical/movie is that song from?? (And if you get this one, I will be so impressed that I might have to send you a dozen cupcakes!)

Good luck!


Sarah R. said...

I'm not even going to pretend like I didn't have to look this up, but the prospect of cupcakes always makes me work harder!

First Song: Bye Bye Birdie

Second Song: Flower Drum Girl

Thanks to the lovely DVR I haven't watched to many commercials lately!

liz said...

Apparently all of the useless info I have in my brain doesn't extend to broadway -- I had to look both of these up (what did we do before Google?). Thanks for the fun links, though.

Jacque said...

Fun! The first is a fun rendition of Bye Bye Birdie I believe... I could be wrong. Love her voice though.

The Gap one is from the obscure Flower Drum Song about Chinese immigrants. I only know that one because I sang it for my audition for Hello Dolly..then I rented it to see what it was about.

Katie said...

Flower Drum Song!

I liked the Claire Danes Gap commercial - Anything You Can Do.

Katie said...

Show tunes are totally my forte! The first is easy peesy: Bye Bye Birdie (love love love that one.) The second I only know because my parent's stake put on a Broadway review and this was one of the numbers. I have never seen it but it is called Flower Drum Song. Cute song.

Claire said...

#1 is from Bye Bye Birdie
#2 is from a Rodgers and Hammerstein, but I cheated and googled it because I couldn't remember the whole title, dang it! I knew flower and song were part of the title, but I couldn't remember it all. Blast the memory loss of my old age :)
Thanks for the fun!

The Lindsey Ladies said...

"How Lovely to be a Woman" is from Bye Bye Birdie, which weren't you in that musical in high school?? I believe you were.

And the Gap song, hmmm, Annie??

Mrs. Cropper said...

Katie, remember listening to Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack in your pathfinder and singing at the top of our lungs?!

And yes, Beth, I was totally in Bye Bye Birdie. Such a fun musical.