Thursday, August 27, 2009

these peaches did NOT come from a can in a factory downtown...

My friend, Amanda, gave me a Fabulous Blog Award today. Gracias, Amanda! Now I'm supposed to tell you five things I'm obsessed with. Just today, five things I loved were...

1. Placing my newly bottled peaches in my pantry. (I think I have now arrived as an official Mormon.)

2. Picking basil and sun-warmed tomatoes from my garden and making fresh pesto with farfalle and tomatoes for dinner.

3. Taking a bike ride with my family in my chocolate brown summer skirt and loving my tiny little town.

4. Watching my two PJ-clad boys share a step stool and watch themselves brush their teeth in the mirror.

5. Gearing up for my 3-day cupcake event in which I will be making 75 cupcakes of 3 different flavors for my first...wait for it...client! Got to go! Little cakes to bake!


Sunshine Girl said...

you are the best, and those peaches look fantastic. You should post your pesto farfalle w/ tomatoes recipe. I'm dying to try it :D

danielle said...

Oh my gosh...I am so proud of you and your peaches. What a grand sense of satisfaction you must have! And cupcake clients! Big stuff.

Amanda said...

Those peaches look DELISH! We all love peaches here... yes that was a hint... bring some over here! LOL j/k

You have great obsessions! Love them... and that skirt is adorable :)

Joan said...

What?! A profesh cupcake maker? (Ps: how much does typing "profesh" make me smile and think of you?--LOTS)
I am SO jealous that you have weather that accommodates a bike ride with the fam!
Blast this HEAT?! ARGH!