Thursday, September 10, 2009

week in review

I'm so into Bloom right now, that sometimes I forget about my personal blog. Here's where I'm at this week...

Tuesday was one of the worst days ever. Right up there with the day I barfed 9 million times on a plane, while holding a baby in my arms, getting puke all over me and the person-behind-me's luggage. It started with a painful infection and ended with a $242 ticket for not waiting until a pedestrian was all the way on the other side of the street before proceeding through a crosswalk. Awesome. But. In light of a tragic car accident in the family of some good friends of ours--involving one death, one coma, and one 3-month-old baby, now in the care of her grandparents, I looked at my day and chalked it up as not much.

Today I am gearing up for painting my bedroom and packing for a trip to Utah, both of which stresses are such happy ones! I'm also contemplating a hair cut of a few inches because I feel like my hair is taking over. (Anyone seen The Peanut Butter Solution?) I mean for real, if I let it get much longer I'm going to look like a polyg.

What else can I tell you? The boys moved in together. Which was hard at first but now it works and is pretty much the most adorable sleepover every night. Taylor and I are obsessed with DesignStar (anyone else?) and I am in a constant search for the right elements to finish my living room, which is totally devoid of color, style, and sufficient seating. I am harvesting tomatoes galore, which brings me such delight. And you should see our pumpkin patch (which Blaine and Taylor take great care of--see photo above)! I'm working hard mentally each day to control my tendency to make stress out of nothing, and just enjoy my boys. All 3 of them. I love them.


p.s. coming of my September mantle and recap of our awesome Labor Day weekend with Lisa and Andy.


Sean and Janet said...

Peanut Butter Solution! Holy trip down memory lane? Think I could find that on Netflix! Probably give my kids nightmares!

Marlo said...

Hey, when are you coming to Utah?