Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March, sickness, vampires, gratitude

Holy smokes. Hello, March. Mmm. March. I love you.

Don't be too fooled by the above pictures. Only yesterday did I finally get enough energy back to take down valentine's and put up my green.

We have been sick. Rog and me. For three days we sprawled out upstairs doing nothing but watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (boys), reading about vampires (me), barfing, changing diapers, washing pukey clothes and blankets, and sharing cups of 7-up and Powerade. (Taylor was in Park City, UT, on business.)

On Sunday morning I called my mom and asked for a pep-talk. "I'm so tired. I was up in the night helping Roger throw up in his sleep and then Blaine was up super early. I can't stomach anything. I have no energy. I feel like a train wreck. What do I do?"

After watching her other local grandchildren, picking up an elderly man for church, teaching Sunday School, and fixing dinner for my dad, she swooped in to the blue house. She cleaned up all the play doh. She swept my kitchen floor. She did all the dishes. And then? She got on her hands and knees to wipe down my entire kitchen floor. I kid you not. Then it was upstairs. She cleaned up all the toys and helped the boys do puzzles and read stories while I lay (lie?) (layed?) (lied?) on the floor trying not to vomit. Then she took Blaine (my unbelievably hearty child who never catches these darn bugs) home for a movie, ice cream, and a sleepover. Angel mother, I know.

Saddest news of all. Now my mom has it. Where is the justice in that? So sad. I love you, Mom. I'm really sorry you got it.

Now here are some things I have to say.

1. I was pretty devastated to wake up sick on Saturday morning and find that Rog had thrown up in his bed overnight. So sad. I couldn't believe I was all alone and sick. How could I take care of a sick babe? But, even though Tay was gone, I was so not alone. Mary Anne dropped off powerade. Jessie took care of all my church youth responsibilities. Em held down the fort at Bloom. Melis called or texted me every day. "What do you need? What can I bring over?" Meds, movies, soup, popcicles. Melanie sent over 7-up, soup, juice. Charles and Tanner came to administer a priesthood blessing. Even though I wished for healthier times, I could not not feel love and gratitude through every minute of the experience.

2. I was also grateful that my boys were happy to watch Mickey all day. Because I sincerely couldn't.do.anything. And so I read Breaking Dawn, all 750 pages of it. It was the perfect escape. I get kind of embarrassed to admit that I like those books, because they sound so silly when you're trying to explain the plot to someone. "...And then she is torn between her love for the vampire and the werewolf, but she wants to become a vampire, and..." See? Silly. But it made my weekend bearable. So, thanks Stephenie M.

3. The best news of all is that Taylor is en route as I write this. For home. And he makes Edward Cullen look like chopped liver.

4. Cutest/saddest image of the weekend:


families are forever said...

Wow, what a weekend, I am glad you had so many angels to help and you are on your way to recovering.

lori said...

Blah. I was thinking about you being home alone while Tay was traveling. And now I see that it was worse than the usual hard single-parenting.

Honestly, being sick as a mother is one of the H A R D E S T things in the world. I just cringe when I think about it.

Wish we could have had Blaine come to our house!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I love your mantle. You always have it decorated so cute. Hopefully someday I will have one.

Joan said...

Oh, Anne! Having sick babies is one thing...or even just being sick by yourself! But the combination is just plain old awful.
I'm glad you could indulge in some easy reading...I am amazed that you read B.D. in two days?! WOW. Hello, Miss Speedy Reader?!