Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscars and more

OK so how pretty is Sandra Bullock anyway? Loved her dress, especially loved her hair and makeup. I was so inspired that I am wearing pink lipstick today instead of my usual savex lip balm. Lots of great dresses this year. But. Honestly, I was so bored. None of the performances were especially exciting, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were good, and Ben Stiller dressed as an avatar was pretty hilarious, but overall, bor-ing.

Still, I am obsessed with the red carpet. And being famous. As in, I really wish I were on the red carpet Sunday night.

Anyway, I was super excited this:
Meryl Streep was wearing a gown by Chris March.
Yes. Chris March of Project Runway season 4.
Here's the gown (she also wore Chris March to the Golden Globes):

Here's Chris, in case you don't remember him. He is hilarious. He came in 4th place that year (actually, Taylor and I are watching this season on DVD and it's totally-in Christian Siriano's words-FIERCE). Aren't you just so proud of him that Meryl's wearing his work?! Love it.
And, on an unrelated topic:
After reading Breaking Dawn in 2 days while we were sick, I am a little bit excited for Eclipse to come out. In fact, I'll be seeing Remember Me this Friday, partly because I am so excited to see the Eclipse trailer. (Look, Joan, I'm slowly coming out of the closet about how much I like Twilight!) So, Robbert Pattinson has been on the brain. (I'm too lazy to link to all that stuff. If you don't know what I'm talking about, google!)

Then, the other day in my car, Nickel Creek popped up on my ipod. As I listened to Chris Thile sing I realized something. He and Robbert P are total twinners. No wonder I like Robbert so much (Chris Thile was the object of my obsession through much of college).
See for yourself:
So fun.
And while he will never reach Chris Thile status, Robbert is quite a musician himself.

OK well now I have to go get Rog to stop crying. He is such a grump lately.



Elizabeth said...

Anytime I hear Nickel Creek, I think of driving up the canyon to Midway. Those were easy days....

Joan said...

Are you starting a new trend with the double "bb" "Robbert?!" haha. I LOVE that you blogged about this :)
You've got one foot out of the closet now, Anne :) I'm proud of you.
Ps: We will both be at the theater on Friday watching: "Remember Me" tee hee.

Joan said...

Ps: do you have any idea how jealous I am of your St. Patty's mantle?!?! TDF!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Funny, Joan. I thought Robbert looked funny. Robert. Duh. Total blonde moment.

sanchez said...

I looooved Sandra Bullock's dress. Hair, make up.
Just everything.

And I love Project runway! :D

I had no idea Meryl Streep's dress by Chris March!