Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's so frustrating to be so behind in journaling. Partly there has been a LOT going on. And partly that lot is kind of going to be hard emotionally to recap, so I think I've been subconciously avoiding.
For today, while Blaine is at school for one more hour and Rog is sitting by me playing with his watermelon gum, I'll take a minute to show you some cute pics and make a list that will hopefully motivate me to recap soon.
1. What happens when Rog helps me bring the groceries in. Randomness strewn across the entry, celery out... Usually he ends up sitting down and opening up the strawberries and munching them while I finish. I love how excited Rog gets to help me do chores like this and his 2 1/2 year old way of executing them.
2 and 3. A Saturday evening I found charming. Indian Summer weather. Taylor pulled all of our tomato plants out and then sorted through what was still good and what rotted while we were out of town. I cut dahlias and the boys helped in their own special ways (i.e. Rog sorted through green tomatoes and Blaine rode his trike). I love growing things and I love that we do it all together.
4. Rog, asleep at Grandma Tillie's. Presh little soul.

And now a list of things I need to write about:

*My thoughts on having three sons.

*Our trip to Utah

*My trip to Ohio

to all three of you who still check this blog-- I love you. :)


Christina said...

Love you too! Congrats about boy number 3!

I was saddened to hear about Cookie. I've been thinking about you.

Spencer said...

Hey Anne! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I was thinking of you and your family. Thanks, again, for everything. Have a wonderful day, and know that you are loved, and prayed for. :o)

Vicky said...

Anne, I love that you're going to have 3 boys! Congratulations.

annie said...

Three boys! How fun! Congratulations. I hope you are feeling well.

families are forever said...

THREE, How exciting I didn't know you were expecting, when are you due? CONGRATULATIONS!

Laurie said...

My three sons. That's great. I am excited for you. You probably have heard this a thousand times, but three children really is easy. I love being a mom to three children it is not as busy as I thought. I must have learned something from the first two. Even though I have not updated our blog in over a year and I am glad that others do. Love Bloom I read it when I get a chance.

Danielle said...

Can't wait to read your thoughts on having three boys!

I love that you say presh.

and I just pick up where I left off when I take a long break from blogging. I don't like the pressure of feeling like I have to do everything chronologically. Which is also why I don't scrapbook.

Sarah said...

I think having three boys first is the only way to go! Congratulations!

Katie said...

Those are 3 VERY lucky boys to have you as their mom! Congrats!

Nikki Douglas said...

Looks like you have more than 3 who still care about you and want to know how you're doing! :)
So excited for you! Some of my friends tell me #3 child is actually easier than #2 because during all those hours of nursing and diaper changes and bouncing that baby whose colicky...etc. child #1 now has someone to play with (#2) while you do all these things. I love that as mothers we always find more room to love those that come into our lives. Take care. Miss you!

Megan said...

3 boys are GREAT! Except for when the youngest boy kills the frog that the older two caught. Then it's not so great. Or when the older two slam the younger son's fingers in the bedroom door because they're trying to keep him OUT of their legos.

No... but really. 3 boys are GREAT! Except for when... ok I'll stop :)


Kate said...

I say don't try to be chronological about it. Catching up is the worst. Just start writing about what's going on now... you'll be glad you did, and I like reading your blog so I'll be glad too.

And three boys! I think it wonderful news!

Joan said...

Three!?! Pshaw! Look at all the people who love you...and so many, many more that are just too selfish or lazy or whatever to leave you a happy comment.
I am neither so...YAY HOOORAY FOR A NEW POST! I have missed you, dearest Anne :) Please don't abandon us again...at least not for more than a a week or so...please?
Gosh, do I sound desperate? Well, at least I'm honest about it, right?