Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue House Tour 2012: The Exterior

As promised, today starts the Blue House Tour 2012.

So, why am I taking you on a tour of The Blue House (yes, it's a proper noun)?

I've written a lot in the past about what I want my blog to be and how I want it to represent me and my family. I believe in being positive, but keeping it real. In other words, no one wants to subscribe to, but it's also frustrating to see nothing but pretty and perfect on blogs.

I find the same applies to images of homes on various blogs and sites. Anyone can photograph the sweet vignette complete with vintage wooden toys and a homemade sock money in her child's room or the gorgeous hutch in which she keeps all of her cake plates. But what about the other side of the room that no one ever gets to see? I'm going to show you everything--my proudest DIY and decor moments, and also my current projects and my I-just-can't-be-bothered-with-this-space-right-now's. Because that's how I roll.



Let us begin.

Welcome to our home!

Things to note:
1. We hate, HATE, H-A-T-E our front door. It's just not our thing. We wish we had a more craftsmany door, maybe something like this. But our door is solid wood and nice enough, so it seems silly and expensive to replace it.
2. I loooove primroses. They are the only color in my dead yard right now. I can't wait until all of the bulbs pop up!
3. Blaine's Godzilla window art. Sure sign that kids live here.
4. My filthy minivan parked in the driveway. On account of 1 vespa, 6 bikes, 1 trike, 2 scooters, 1 Burley, 3 strollers, and a dining room table (DIY project of the month) monopolizing the garage.I just love scraping the ice off the car windows at 7:40 a.m. on my days to drive the school carpool.
5. Dead, wintery grass. Boohoo! Bring on the spring.
6. Our adirondaks are solid wood (which Taylor painted gray) and we got them for a song. Cushions made by me. (I'm obsessed with making pillows because they are so easy, yet so satisfying!) These chairs make our porch a happy place to be and I love them.

OK, now do you want to see something despicable? Our side yards. We actually just had someone clean it up for us (a young man of Taylor's earning money for his mission), but I had to snap a couple photos before he started to document our total disregard for taking care of weeds and my bad habit of chucking shipping boxes and whatever other random junk outside the garage door.
Classy. (Now that it's cleaned up, I have so reformed.)

Is that real enough for ya?

Next up, the playroom.



Sunshine Girl said...

I absolutely love you! Thank you for being wonderful. xxx

abichristi said...

Anne, I followed you over here from Bloom (which I miss dearly by the way), and LOVE the realness. We all have areas of our home that we adore, and others that nag at our sanity. You have so much worth-while to say--keep it up!

p.s. Ashland is a beautiful place! My momma grew up there, and I love visiting my cousins--so many cherished memories in Ashland.

Melissa said...

You are a brave woman. :)

abichristi said...

p.p.s. your adirondack chairs are rockin'

LCM said...

Every time I see Blue House I think of the song from Bear in the Big Blue House. Welcome to the Blue House, hello to the small mouse... My kids are a bit older! :)