Monday, April 20, 2009

How Blogging Changed My Life

(Go ahead and make fun of my dramatic post title. See if I care!)
My first friend to start a blog was Kate. She was always encouraging me to check it, and I was like "Wait, what's a blog?" and "Why don't you just email me pictures of your NY trip?"

I didn't get it.

Emily was next. She got me interested in starting Mrs.Cropper'sBooks. She (and my other friends) continued to encourage me to start a personal blog and I said--I kid you not--"What on earth do I have to say?" Emily told me, "Anne, blogging has changed the way I live my life. I see my life through the lens of my blog. I look at who I am and what I do with my children differently. I want to do something blogworthy every day."

I still didn't get it.

Then one day I decided cupcakes could change my life (and I was so right!)and why not start a blog about it?

And, two years later, I found myself teaching a workshop on blogging to a group of Relief Society gals. And guess what, Em? I found myself telling them, "Blogging has changed my life. I see my life through the lens of my blog. I look at other blogs and see the amazing things people are doing and creating and experiencing with their children. I want that for me and my family. So I try to do something every day that is blogworthy. Not because I want my life to appear cool. Because I want my life to actually be that cool."

On our blogworthy list today:
play outside ALL DAY
including washing the car/water fight
smoothies and books for lunch
make apple crisp for Family Home Evening


rhall said...

You did an amazing job in your workshop Saturday! I'm glad you blog too!

families are forever said...

So glad you blog!!!! smile Danette

families are forever said...

PS. We are starting a ward YW BLOG I will email you the details.