Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Don't Go Wasting Your Emotion...

In case I haven't been clear about this, I am obsessed with musicals. That's why GLEE, in my humble opinion, is the greatest show ever. EVER.
This Christmas Eve, Taylor and I decided to step it up a notch with our offering for the annual post-Mexican fiesta talent show.
We went out on a major limb. So major that I was sweating profusely by the time we were up.
The truth is, I want to be Lea Michele (of Glee). Or Amanda Seyfried (Mama Mia) would do. When I watch stuff like that, my heart wants to explode. It's not enough to watch; I sit there and dream about how exhilarating it would be to be on stage or in one of those shows, performing my guts out.
The major bummer is that I am totally not them. (i.e. in the talent/ability category.)
But I decided it's time to step it up in the risk and excitement department. So Taylor and I channeled our inner Glee for the talent show.
We performed 'Lay All Your Love On Me' (a la Abba/Mama Mia) for the whole fam damily.
As it turns out, Taylor was Prince Charming in his high school's rendition of Cinderella back in the day, so he is cool as a cucumber on stage. I was a nervous wreck and had to make him start all over again when I flubbed my lines the first time through.
It was a little rough, even the second time. But it was beyond fun!
You know how much I love my children and my quiet little life, but let's be honest, sometimes I just really crave excitement. You know, the kind of excitement I used to feel when dancing on stage or warming up for a volleyball match (those who know me well will understand that warming up before the match was the majority of my time on the court...)
And while I don't see 'Glee Cast' or Broadway in my future, I'm doing what I can.
And p.s. it's really fun to sing a lovey song like that on stage with your handsome husband.
**video coming soon!!!


families are forever said...

How FUN! I can't wait for the video!

Zimmer Mom and Pop said...

I love Glee too!!!

liz said...

One of my friends has her kids learn a musical every summer. They listen to it in the car, etc., then screen the movie version (dress up as characters, sing along) before school starts. Isn't that a great idea? Want to do it with me? I'm thinking about starting with a classic like Sound of Music.

Holly Llewellyn said...

You two are too cute...I love it, you inspire me! We miss you guys and fun summer dinners in provo!

Nikki Douglas said...

I totally have to agree.
This year Jason and I went out on a limb for our ward talent show...I was in charge of finding of one light-hearted funny number and couldn't find anything so I got Jason to "volunteer" to do a Dick van Dyke/Mary Tyler Moore Santa skit with a little dance number in it. He was willing to help me out, and it was so fun! I think secretly he enjoyed doing it. I'll probably never get it out of him again, but it was probably THE highlight of our marriage for me (is that sad?). Although we didn't sing (he won't go that far) so we just lip synced, it was something I'll be dreaming about for along time. There's just something about being in front of people together pretending you're in love and you really are.
It makes me want to create more gatherings with friends where we all get to act out movie scenes and maybe rock out to soundtracks and we get to guess which movie it is, cause it's sounds like so much fun, reading your post. Keep it up! You are totally giving me ideas on how to make life more fun.

Joan said...

La-UV it! I CANNOT wait for the video!
Ps: Agreed, Glee is pretty rad.